Estimated Global Military Spending Since Jan 1,


Estimated annual cost to achieve following Sustainable Development Goals-

Eradicating Poverty and Hunger: $265,000,000,000
Universal Primary and Secondary Education: $258,700,000,000
Universal Health Care for All: $134,000,000,000
Clean Safe Water and Sanitation for All: $28,400,000,000

United Nations system Regular budget 2018-2019: $5,400,000,000
Estimated Annual Investment needed to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030: $1,011,000,000,000

For each person in the world we spent approx US$6.25 on the UN (all programmes and agencies), but US$233.5 on military expenditures.
Global Military Spending in 2020 could fund the United Nations annual budget for 343 years
* Swedish International Peace Research Institute
* World Bank, World Health Organization, United Nations Development Programme, UN Food and Agricultural Organization
* United Nations